Pro Labore Dei is a Charitable Organization that is committed to working with the very poor, the destitute in our society for their improvement.



Pro Labore Dei was founded on 16th May 1990 in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State of Nigeria. It began as a reponse to God's call to Sister Stella- Maris Okonkwo to "Go out into the streets and slum areas where people are suffering and look after the poor". She began the work with a few destitute in the Bere area of Ibadan with only a few Naira in her pocket.


Our objective is to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, shelter the homeless, nurse/treat the sick poor and the aged deserted by relatives, to visit the imprisoned, be mothers to the orphaned and the abandoned children, educate the young poor whose parents cannot send to school,
bury the dead, and care for the spiritually hungry also through our weekly/monthly prayer meetings and counseling etc.


Education is one of our many units of operations.


Sister Stella-Maris started the first education centre using an open space and the wall of a building of course a mud hut in the house of Beere as their 1st school. This later moved to a mud building and later to the 1st secretariat. Today there are four 'Pro Labore Dei' nursery / primary schools present in Nigeria today and 14 others across the globe.



We see an opportunity to change the lives of the community and future generations by educating the young poor. As they say teach a man to fish and you will feed a whole community Pro Labore Dei - Education Centre endeavors to make every pupil a positive role model in the society and to make each child believe that they can make it in life.



Our Vision is to ensure that the pattern of poverty, hopelessness and illiteracy is broken and that the future for all the pupils is bright. We hope to confirm that given the right opportunity the children of the destitute can excel in any endeavor in life.